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Matching Green Classic & Sports Car Club are members of the FBHVC

this page is dedicated to information released by the federation and other matters that affect the wider classic community.

FBHVC News Letter

Issue 1, 2024 FBHVC News is available to download from their website.

In addition to their regular features such as Legislation and DVLA information, you will also find articles on, the history of Armstrong Siddeley, the Aston Martin Razor Blade and Tickford coach builders.

Click on the button below to go direct to the newsletter.

2023 Drive it Day

National Drive It Day was created by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs in 2005.  It is the occasion when historic vehicle enthusiasts and the public at large have the opportunity to celebrate the One Thousand Mile Trial organized in 1900 to prove the viability of the new invention, the motor vehicle. It’s also a chance to raise awareness and support amongst the public for the historic vehicle movement and keeping transport heritage on UK roads. 

Details of this years Drive it Day

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