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1927 Peerless Taxi

This Beautiful, and very rare example of a 1927 Peerless Taxi has recently undergone a body off restoration, bringing it to concourse condition.

It is the only known survivor of 250 Peerless cars that were originally built for the New York Taxi company with a 'Landaulet' style roof, and is one of only three known Peerless cars in the UK, one of which is currently being restored by another club member.

In its past life, apart from taxiing people around the Big Apple, this vehicle has been used in several old black and white movies, something that the previous owner liked to continue, using the car as a Bonny and Clyde get away car in local town shows.

During the restoration the owner decided to change the cars voltage from the original 6V to 12V to increase reliability. This car has a 4.2 Ltr straight 6 engine.

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