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The first car show was held in1995 at the Matching School Summer Fete with just a handful of club cars. The Club was started around this time by Alf Drake and some local friends of his who were disgruntled members of the TR Club and decided to break away and form a local car enthusiasts club. The small meetings were held at the "old" Chequers Pub.

We were asked to put on a show at Matching School in 1995. Then, as the number of cars and members increased (there were 20 members in 1996),we were allowed to hold the show on Matching Green opposite the pub. Through word of mouth the number of non-club cars increased and the first car show as we know today was in1997

The early years weren't documented until the publishing of a newsletter ( just a couple of pages) called Open Road in around February 1996.

I joined sometime in 1995, after meeting Alf Drake at The Merry Fiddlers Pub, Fiddlers Hamlet, which hosted a very popular Evening car show , run by the local MG Club.

My car at the time was a Tri-King, a three wheel kit car built by a one man company on the lines of a three wheel Morgan . More of this car later.....


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